About Karl Yaacoub  

Karl Yaacoub is a former private equity and investment banking professional.

He is the author of The Game of Value Creation, in which he explains how blue chip companies and private equity investors approach value creation through governance, strategy, and finance.  

He is also the creator of The Game of Value Creation Training, which leverages strategies used by private equity funds to enhance the valuation of the businesses they acquire and meet their target returns.

Karl advises private businesses on ways to enhance their valuations by deploying, and implementing, the same strategies used by public companies and active investors. 

He has worked on deals and assignments in excess of USD 1bn around the world. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Three Reasons You Should NOT Be Here


1.  I can't help you if you think active value creation is not possible

If you believe there isn't more to your story, it probably means that you're not open to new solutions and would resist implementing something you aren't convinced you need. 


2.  If you aren't in a position to act on big ideas, you're not going to get value from me

If you cannot commit to value creation, either directly or indirectly through your team, I am not the right guy for you. Value creation entails a transformation of some sort, which requires change and implementation

Change is hard and uncomfortable. Implementation is iterative and in some cases sequential, which means bottlenecks can arise. To resolve bottlenecks with dependencies on processes and people, a collective effort needs to be made. 


3.  If you think short term, you're not going to want me to help you

Strategic patience is one of the most underrated traits I've come across in the world of active value creation. If you often seek instant gratification to solve business problems, you are probably going to go after sub-optimal solutions. 
Sustainable value creation requires strategic patience and long term thinking, so that your ability for tactical execution is not compromised. 

Still Here? 



Here's what you can expect from me

✅   New solutions centered around your current circumstances, and limitations, to help you and your business achieve meaningful progress.

✅   Actionable steps, not simply information, to help you focus on the big picture and the most important things.

✅   An exciting growth story, a better future outlook, and a higher valuation for your business.

✅   Encouragement, accountably, and an action-led communication style.  

✅   Value at a discount. I can't be talking about value creation if I have no value to offer you!

How do I know your stuff is any good

Well, the easiest thing to do is to download the free case study below.  

If it resonates with you, you’ll find value in what i'm selling.

If you don’t like it, you won’t.

And that’s ok, because value creation is not relevant for everyone. 

But I think I’m supposed to do the whole “self aggrandizing biography” thing now so here goes:

I started working in finance in 2010.

Since then, I’ve completed in excess of USD 1 billion in deals.

My scope of work would include originating deals, executing them, and then managing investments and enhancing their value using the same techniques I outline in my work!

Download Free Case Study 

Get a taste of the tactics and strategies we use at KYVC

Here's what I will help you with, specifically

My main focus is to help you maximize the valuation of your business.  I also focus on your corporate legacy, which is really a fancy way of saying "enhancing the future outlook of your business and ensuring its going concern":

I do this by helping you leverage and implement the enablers of value creation:

✅  Protecting your assets and your ecosystem

✅  Allocating your resources to to achieve maximum impact and minimize opportunity costs 

✅  Optimizing and growing your business using existing and yet-to-exist capabilities 


Here's My First Sales Pitch To You

Order a copy of my book. I'd recommend the print version because you can underline relevant items and take notes with more ease. The book packs a punch of value so that you can get started on your value creation journey quickly!

If you like the book and would like help in implementing value creation initiatives, consider investing in my digital training or in my consulting services in the home page.

Also, do not be offended if I make you an offer for one of my products or services every once in a while!

Pretty simple, right? 

Thanks for reading this page and I hope to work with you! 

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