Products and Services 

Choose from two tiers of products and services. All centered around value creation. 

Tier 1: Value Creation Digital Training

Top features

  • Adoption of a public company mindset for value creation (preview syllabus below)
  • Protection of the business and its future outlook 
  • Tactical allocation of resources 
  • Optimization and growth of operations
  • Supporting worksheets and templates 

Tier 2: Bespoke Value Creation Services

Top features

  • Tier 1 in addition to;           
  • Bespoke advisory service tailored to your business's capabilities and constraints 7777 
  • A series of short, medium term, and long-term value creation initiatives 
  • Implementation assistance 




Tier 1: Value Creation Digital Training 


What it is

This digital training dives into the same tactics used by public companies and private equity firms to enhance margins, cash flow generation, and business valuation.

During this training, we dissect a business into small pieces, focus on critical areas for value creation, and fix bottlenecks together. 

The content will be explained through interactive, engaging videos, in which I walk you through the ideas and concepts step by step. This includes downloadable files, templates, and resources. They're the same ones I walk you through in the videos, so you can tweak them as needed and apply them to your business.


What it will do for you

This program presents concepts, techniques, and insights to help you:  

✅   Achieve business growth predictably and consistently 

✅   Optimize day-to-day operations for efficiency

✅   Improve cash flow available for debt servicing 

✅   Enhance free cash flow available for growth and/or dividends

✅   Protect and improve the outlook of your business

✅   Allocate resources tactically to maximize RoI

✅   Reduce reliance on key personnel 

✅   Make your business more appealing to potential buyers, if you plan to sell it in the future


What to do next

Preview the syllabus of the training below and set up a call to get started on your value creation journey. 



Tier 2:  Bespoke Value Creation Services


What it is

With our Tier 2 service, we strive to make value creation more specific to your capabilities, and limitations, by providing you with personalized and thought-provoking solutions. 


What it will do for you

In addition to the benefits from digital training, Tier 2 offers the following added benefits:      

✅   Customized solutions tailored to your business' capabilities and limitations 

✅   Strategies for utilizing yet-to-exist capabilities to grow and scale inorganically 

✅   An implementation roadmap along with implementation assistance   

Due to the bespoke element, Tier 2 is also helpful for special situations such as companies in distress, companies looking for an exit, and companies in need of succession planning. 


What to do next

Set up a call to get started on your value creation journey.